March 26, 2013 at 5:18 pm

Millennial Generation Standing Up for Marriage Equality

Post submitted by Adam Talbot.

There’s a lot to be hopeful about after today’s historic events at the United States Supreme Court. But another reason to be optimistic is that 81% of Americans under 30 support marriage equality—and these so-called “millennials” take this civil rights fight very seriously.

As one of the many millennial staff members here at HRC, I wrote a brief op-ed about youth support for equality on Policy Mic—a website that provides “high quality online debate” for the 18-29 set—arguing that young people have a particular responsibility to act:

“Young folks have a choice to make. We can either look around, realize that the debate about marriage equality is almost over within our own circle of friends, and get complacent — even as two landmark cases on marriage reach the U.S. Supreme Court. Or, we can take advantage of our unique generational perspective and bring the rest of the country along with us.”

If you’ve logged onto Facebook or Twitter today, one thing is clear enough: young people are standing up for equality at this decisive moment. To read the rest of the op-ed, click here, and if you haven’t changed your profile picture yet, hurry up and do it already!