On Notice: Peter LaBarbera, Founder of the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

Peter LaBarbera founded Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, but did you know that the so-called truth LaBarbera is spreading worldwide is actually lies about LGBT people and their allies? It’s time to #EndtheHate.

On Notice:Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, ADF-Global & American Center for Law and Justice

Peter LaBarbera is president and founder of the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, an organization best known for its inflammatory and inaccurate content online about the LGBT community. Now, thanks to LaBarbera, the anti-LGBT propaganda is spreading offline and overseas.

For LaBarbera, children are “better off in a single-parent household” than with a loving, committed same-sex couple because “when you have two men raising a young child, that child grows up learning, basically dysfunction and a sexual perversion as normality.”

Benjamin Bull is chief counsel, executive vice president and executive director of the Alliance Defending Freedom- Global. ADF is the largest legal organization on the radical right. Not only has it led a number of anti-LGBT cases at home – including defending California’s Proposition 8 – the ADF has intervened in cases in Russia, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and Argentine.

“Throughout the world, the moniker of ‘human rights’ has long been a cloak for a number of so-called rights that cannot be justified in any other way,” Benjamin Bull wrote in a column in 2012. “From free education to free healthcare, to various aspects of the homosexual agenda and beyond, human rights have frequently been a rallying cry for people intent on imposing their worldview on others.”

On Notice: The Alliance Defending Freedom

Don’t be fooled. The Alliance Defending Freedom is the largest legal organization on the radical right, preventing LGBT equality and freedom worldwide. Learn more about the Alliance Defending Freedom and ADF-Global Executive Vice President Benjamin Bull. #EndtheHate

On Notice: Paul Cameron of the Family Research Institute

The Family Research Institute is essentially a one-man operation for Paul Cameron and his son, who serve as chairman and vice chairman, respectively. Cameron holds a doctorate in psychology, which he uses as armament in his war on LGBT equality, despite the fact that he was expelled from the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association. In 2008, Cameron has peddled his “research” in Russia and Eastern Europe. More recently, the authors of Uganda’s so-called “Kill the Gays” bill cited Cameron’s research.

HRC is Calling Out Larry Jacobs & Paul Cameron for Exporting Bigotry Worldwide

Larry Jacobs is managing director of the World Congress of Families. But did you know that WCF has held events all over the world in an attempt to drum up support for more anti-LGBT laws? Learn the truth about Larry Jacobs and the World Congress of Families at #EndtheHate

Paul Cameron is chairman of the Family Research Institute, but he doesn’t seem very pro-family to us: “One must understand those who act on their homosexual desires or interests usually end up being parasites on society, and parasites that are very dangerous for society…they particularly injure children.” Get the facts about Cameron and the Family Research Institute’s campaign to spread hate worldwide. #EndTheHate

On Notice: Larry Jacobs of World Congress of Families

As managing director, Larry Jacobs is the most visible public face for the World Congress of Families, one of the most influential groups in America promoting and coordinating anti-LGBT bigotry, ideology and legislation abroad. WCF has advocated for anti-choice and anti-LGBT legislation from Australia to Eastern Europe to Africa.

WCF claims to stand for dignity, tolerance and compassion, but hate is neither an American value nor a family value. We reject the World Congress of Families’ assertion that it represents either.